Dear Hillsville Property Owner, Business Owner, or Tenant, Beginning Wednesday, September 6, 2023, there will be Hurt & Proffitt employees, along with Town of Hillsville staff, going door-to-door to assist in identifying the water service line material for each location. This is a follow-up to the information we sent out in regards to the new mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on lead service lines. There is no need to be alarmed by this information, as all localities in the United States are required to take service line inventory and have this information submitted by October 2024. If you are available when these employees visit your location, please assist them in the identification of the material of your water service line. The Town of Hillsville appreciates your assistance and compliance with this new regulation, and if you should have any questions regarding this information or wish to provide the information regarding the material of your water service line, please text or call our toll free line (904) 901-6258. Thank you.

Water pipe with water coming out