Save the Date! September 28, 2024!

By submitting this form you agree to all rules and regulations put forth by the Friends of Hillsville, Inc. regarding this competition and agree to abide by them. You also release the Friends of Hillsville, Inc. and the Town of Hillsville and all parties involved in this competition from any liability from any injury and or accidents that may occur to you, your property, or any of your teammates during this event.
There will be no electricity or running water at the booths.

Upon receipt of your entry fee, you will be notified of your acceptance into this
year’s Chili Shootout.
Make checks payable to The Friends of Hillsville, Inc.
Please mail completed form and the registration fee for each category to:
Friends of Hillsville, Chili Shootout
PO Box 545
Hillsville, VA 24343
Or drop off at Town Hall at 410 N. Main Street, Hillsville.
For more information about the 8th Annual Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout, contact
Ammie Shupe at 276-733-3062 or

Find us on Facebook at

Fee for chili team entry is $25 and $10 salsa entry if registered and paid by September 15, 2023.

Fee for chili team entry is $35 and $15 salsa entry if registered and paid after the 15th but before September 30, 2023. 

Fee for chili team entry is $45 and $20 salsa entry if registered and paid after September 30th, 2023.

➢ Each team submits ONE QUART of chili for judging.
➢ Each team provides A MINIMUM 4 gallons of chili for public tasting.
➢ Tasting wristbands go on sale at 10 a.m.
➢ Public tasting scheduled from 1:00 p.m. until chili runs out.
Tasting Procedure: The Friends of Hillsville, Inc. will sell wristbands for tasting and
will supply tasting cups and spoons to cooks, and cooks will serve up chili in the
provided cups. Chili will be served to visitors wearing a wristband as long as the chili
lasts. The Friends of Hillsville, Inc. will provide a People’s Choice ballot box.
Times to Remember
• 8 a.m. Set-up takes place
• 9 a.m. Meat check takes place
• 9:30 a.m. Mandatory cooks’ meeting in judges’ area (one rep. from each team only)
• 10 a.m. Chili competition begins
• 10 a.m. Sale of tasting wristbands begins
• 1 p.m. Cooking ends and chili turned in to be judged
• 1 p.m. Public tasting and showmanship judging begins
Winners will be announced from the stage later in the afternoon. (Approximately
3:30 p.m.)
Important Chili Team Info *subject to change per VDH mandates*
1. OPEN Chili defined as any kind of meat or combination of meat, cooked with chili
peppers, various spices and other ingredients. Fillers are allowed in the open chili
category. Since the competition involves sampling by judges and attendees, please
be aware that each team’s liability is based on ingredients cooked in the chili. Any
teams preparing and serving harmful ingredients will be held liable.
2. No ingredient can be precooked in any way prior to the commencement of the
official cookoff. The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce,
peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth and grinding or mixing of spices. Meat may
be pre-cut or ground. Meat cannot be precooked or marinated. Other ingredients,
i.e., onions, peppers, etc. can be pre-chopped and brought to the cook site or
chopped on site. No precooked chili may be used to extend the day’s chili.
3. Salsa must be homemade. Salsa may be brought to the site that day or it may be
prepared at the shootout.

4. Check-in: Please check-in at the registration table to receive your booth
assignment. Check-in is from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
5. Setup: Each team will be given a 12 ft. x 12 ft. space. You are to provide a 10 ft x
10 ft tent/canopy for your booth, tables, chairs, trash cans and something to cook
on (camp stoves or propane heated pots are best). No campfires are allowed. Only
one vehicle per team is allowed into the festival area. Please unload your tent, tables
and supplies as quickly as possible and then exit the event area to park in the
parking lot. Walk back and set up your booth after you have parked your car.
Reminder: Individual booths will have no running water or electricity. Cooks should
bring their own water for cooking.
6. Cooking of chili ingredients begins at 10 a.m. Anyone cooking chili prior to the
start time will be disqualified. Stoves can be turned on before 10 a.m. to boil water
only. All meat will be inspected prior to the start time. All teams must provide their
own cooking utensils and meat thermometer. There will be a mandatory cooks’
meeting at 9:30 a.m. and each team will be given their judging container and their
contestant number at this meeting.
7. Tasting procedure: A wristband and a People’s Choice ballot will be sold together
at the ticket tent for $5. The Friends of Hillsville, Inc. will provide 2 oz. tasting
cups and spoons to all teams. Teams should serve chili in supplied cups only until
their supply runs out. Please use ONLY the provided cups for sampling to the
general public. The use of bowls is cause for disqualification. (Tip: When you serve,
there is no need to fill the chili cup all the way. Just a spoonful or two of chili will
do for tasting. This will allow your line to move faster and your chili will last longer.)
Only serve to visitors wearing an official wristband. Each tent shall provide a hand
sanitizer available for public.
8. This is a rain or shine event.
9. Have Fun! We want the chili shootout to be enjoyed by all! Make it FUN and be
responsible. Good luck!

What is the entry fee? $25 per team for chili team entry (a maximum of four
people per team) and $10 per salsa entry. You may enter additional recipes; each
entry will be judged separately. Team Captain must be 18 years or older to enter.
How much chili do I make? Teams will submit one quart of chili to the judges. You
will use the assigned container that you receive at the cooks meeting to submit to
the judges. Each team is required to prepare a minimum of 4 additional gallons of
chili for sampling by the public. When are the turn-in times? Teams are responsible
for getting their chili to the judges’ table on time. Judges are voting on the chili
based on the following: good flavor, texture, consistency, blend of spices and
color. Check your Cook’s Packet for details about turn-in times for each category.
Three OPEN/JUDGES’ PICK Chili cash prizes will be awarded as well as trophies.
Other awards to be handed out are The People’s Choice Award (first, second, and
third prizes for best chili voted on by the people!) and the Showmanship Award (for
best booth decoration). Winners will be announced from the stage. What is “People’s
Choice Award” (TPCA)? Judged by the visitors to your booth instead of the
sequestered judges, the TPCA results are influenced by your showmanship,
decoration and attitude PLUS the flavor of your chili. Having a unique chili name, a
festive booth and showmanship can draw the public to your booth for tasting–the
best booths get the most votes. Have fun, and be sure to invite your family &
friends to participate! The Friends of Hillsville, Inc. will have a TPCA ballot box and
will be collected.
What is the “Showmanship Award”? Judged by super-secret judges not associated
with any show team. Judges look at your theme, costume, booth set up, action, and
audience appeal. The bigger and brighter the better! And remember, even if your
chili doesn’t win, you can still win for showmanship. One showmanship prize is
When can I break down? All teams are responsible for breaking down and cleaning
up their booth and surrounding area at the end of the event. All items should be
packed up and ready for a quick pick-up when you pull your vehicle into the event
area. No vehicles are allowed into the event area until after 4:00 p.m.

Cook-off Prizes (In addition to bragging rights!)
JUDGES’ PICK Chili Prizes
1. First Place – $750; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy
2. Second Place – $350; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy
3. Third Place – $175; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy

JUDGES’ PICK Salsa Prizes
1. First Place – $75, Ribbon Award
2. Second Place – $50, Ribbon Award
3. Third Place – $25, Ribbon Award
Showmanship Award—Decorate your canopy, have a theme, be creative!
First Place – $500
People’s Choice Chili Award
1. First Place – $750; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy
2. Second Place – $350; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy
3. Third Place – $175; Historic Hillsville Chili Shootout Trophy
Cornbread Competition Awards—FREE ENTRY–Chili teams are encouraged to
1. Traditional Cornbread – Ribbon Awards
2. Non-traditional Cornbread – Ribbon Awards