Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

There has been a set mandate from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) to better protect children and communities from the risks of lead exposure through water lines.
It will be required under the Executive Order 13990 by all localities within the United States and can only be completed with the assistance of everyone served by Town of Hillsville water lines.

A key component to the LCRR is the creation of a Lead Service Line Inventory (LSL Inventory). A service line is the pipe that connects the water main to the plumbing in a home or building. When any part of the pipe is made of lead, it is called a lead service line. Lead service lines were primarily installed during the late 1800s through the 1940s with a federal lead ban effective June 19, 1986. The LSL inventory must include the Town’s portion of the water service line (before and including the water meter) and the customer’s portion of the service line (after the water meter into the home or business).

The Town has dedicated a toll-free number 1-904-901-6258 to receive information regarding your portion of the service line. Please send a picture of the water line entering your residence or business to this number along with your name, address, and type of material (i.e., plastic, copper, galvanized, lead). If you are unable to determine the material of your water line, please call Town Hall at 276-728-2128. The Town will schedule someone to assist in the identification.

We do not anticipate finding lead service lines in the system. However, all municipalities in the United States are required to complete the Lead Service Line inventory. The Town of Hillsville greatly appreciates your assistance in achieving compliance with this worthwhile rule.


Your private water service line in your basement could be made of three different materials depending on the age of your plumbing fixtures: lead (left), copper (middle), galvanized steel (right).

To determine if your private water service line in your basement is made of lead, copper or galvanized steel, use the flat edge of a screwdriver or coin to scratch the pipe.
If your service line is made of lead, the scratched area will appear shiny and silver.
If your service line is made of copper, the scratched area will have the same color as a penny.
If your service line is made of galvanized steel, the scratched area will have a dull gray color with no noticeable scratch on the surface.

If a magnet sticks, it is a steel pipe. Magnets will ONLY stick to steel. They will NOT stick to lead or copper. Lead is dull, very soft, and will turn a shiny silver color when scratched.

Water Service Line Self Identification